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Who Are We?

Crossroads is part of the Assemblies of God.  We are evangelical and pentecostal. 

What is our purpose?

We exist to fulfill 3 essential purposes.  First, we exist to be a place of worship.  Man's greatest need is to understand who God is and what our responsibility is to Him.  We are on this planet to glorify God.  Second, we exist to provide ministry to the body of Christ.  The Bible calls us to love one another.  We are to minister to one another in the areas of fellowship and personal growth.  As we journey through life, we are to encourage and strengthen the faith of other believers.  Third, we exist to reach out to those who do not know God as the Bible reveals Him.  God so loved the world that He gave His Son.  We endeavor to reach out to our community in evangelism and to the world at large by an ongoing support of missionary efforts.

What is the basis of our beliefs?

The foundation of our faith is the Bible.  We believe that it is God's revelation of Himself to man. We strive in all matters to look to and follow the teachings of this great book.  We strive to hold each one accountable to the truth that it contains and the path that it prescribes.  Our goal is to infuse all of our ministries with a solid, biblical worldview.